The STARTLINE System

    A full-person approach to training.


    Endurance Training

    Weekly programs with

    4 to 16-week layouts to best facilitate consistent development. Core and injury prevention programs included.


    Resistance Training

    Weekly programs designed around 2-5 days individualized to the history, goals, and needs of the individual. Available to develop all performance types.


    Running Form Analysis

    Video analysis utilizing three dimensional view. Detailed analysis for weaknesses in form and to improve efficiency at various velocities.


    Mental Wellness

    Training for best performance when your best is what you need. Casual and formal lines of communication, 1-on-1 sessions, and group dynamics development all available.

  • Keep Moving Forward

    STARTLINE'S coaching theory is rooted in core values of intention, fortitude, and balance in order to create healthful endurance athletes and performances.

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    Goal Oriented Training

    The goal to succeed is universal, the methods to reach success are not.

    Time, distance, terrain, and competition all vary. The stage where a person begins their journey varies. Non-individualized fitness and training plans are limited in perspective, unable to be correctly adapted for your performance. STARTLINE Training & Coaching is modified on a weekly basis, best adapted for the individual runner.

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    Injury Prevention Focus

    Running is a full-body sport requiring a full-body outlook.

    Consistent, healthful training is the first step to completing any goal. Synthesizing injury history and taking initiative to prevent future setbacks builds healthy endurance athletes who can perform optimally.

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    Mind-Body Balance

    There is an undeniable connection between the mind and physical performance.

    There is a delicate balance between the stresses we place on our body both physically and mentally or emotionally. STARTLINE Training is designed around maintaining this balance between fitness and life to produce improvements while not forfeiting other duties.

  • About Coach Robert

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    Robert is a doctor of physical therapy with a bachelor of science in exercise physiology. He has a 14-year running history spanning races on tracks, roads, and trails and varying in distance from 400m to marathon. He has been coaching 6 years while expanding his practice treating patients with neurological conditions.


    Chris B., Chicago:

    "I can attest from my experience with Rob that his coaching is effective for runners at any level whether aspiring to complete their first 5k run or striving towards an elite-level marathon completion. Rob will listen to your concerns and needs and will work with you to provide an enjoyable and fulfilling training experience."

    Drew K., PA:

    "Startline Training helped me achieve my goals. I dropped two minutes off my 5k time to beat my old high school PR thanks to Startline's thoughtful and individualized training plans. He kept me healthy and motivated for the hard work and it all absolutely paid off. I look forward to training with Robert in the future!"

  • Contact & Consultation

    Please contact for full-time coaching or general questions.

    STARTLINE is always a resource for the running community at large.

    Menomonee Falls, WI